Created in1958/1959 by Pierre Chaintron, the AMBOISE brand specialises in small leather goods entirely shaped by hand. Thus began a relentless search to find the best leathers in the French and Italian tanneries. The quality of the experienced craftsmen who followed Pierre Chaintron into his new company have made the reputation of our workshop. More than 40% of the belts manufactured then are shaped by hand either in Sellier point, with two needles, or in Gantier point, with a needle. Even today, we preserve the original manufacturing methods and adapt them to modern machines.

In 1997, Alain Gaillard, current CEO, purchased the company formed by Pierre Chaintron. From this moment, the development of the AMBOISE brand grew at an extraordinary rate.
Since 1969, the AMBOISE brand has had an outlet in «Le Bon Marché» to sell men's belts, alongside the more famous brands who are all recognized for quality and experience, symbolized by the AMBOISE brand. There followed another with «The Galleries Lafayette» and «Madélios». In 1999, we have outlets in the department stores of «The Galleries Lafayette» of France and as from 2006, in the eleven «Printemps» department stores of the country.
Since 2004, the AMBOISE brand has been selling its belts and small leather goods in Japan with each collection ever more successfull. We are currently present in the most important stores of Tokyo : Isetan, Barneys,Takashimaya,Tomorrowland, Eastnation, Mitsukoshi, United Arrows, Beams.