A beautiful leather working tradition, they are first and formost leathers of quality. To select the leathers, there is nothing to replace experience. Such as that of Pierre Chaintron, passed on to Alain Gaillard and which his children carry on to this day. The quality of the AMBOISE brand is first and formost a story of family and shared knowledge of experience for the rigorous selection of the best skins, which ensures the exceptional quality for which they are known. AMBOISE thus creates collections with pure and simple lines for men and women, in harmony with the timeless values of the authenticity and of the know-how of the brand.
For certain pieces of leather goods, several hours of manufacture are necessary. In the workshops, everyone works with meticulousness, there reigns a very special atmosphere, born from the rhythm of the sewing machines which exhale the scents and heart of leather. Each stage has its ancestral artisanal methods and its unique know-how. Each piece of leather is worked delicately by craftsmen trained for years and with a talent becoming often too rare, to be transformed into purses, bags, cases, belts, etc… with irreproachable quality.
A quality which, combines tradition, innovative techniques and original materials, and which continues to give to this trade a nobless, thus justifying confidence from the largest French distribution houses of luxury leather goods placed in the AMBOISE brand.